This Is Real; This Is Me.

This Is Real; This Is Me. This is my personal blog.
This is my thoughts, pictures, things I like.

"repost whiney shit on tumblr. work minimum wage job. push up flabby tits and take a selfie in a desperate bid for attention. repost whiney shit on tumblr. work other minimum wage job. suck in gut and take a selfie. cry over some guy that won't fuck you anymore. post flabby tits to some personals site to find a new guy to fuck. repost whiney shit on tumblr. go back to minimum wage job. wonder where it all went so wrong."

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If you don’t like what I post on MY tumblr, then gtfo.
I’m not ashamed of the jobs I work.
At least I have jobs that allow me to pay my bills.

Who I fuck is really not anyone’s business, neither is who I cry over.

And I’ll post whatever selfies I want.
I look good and I know it.

"Call me jealous all you want...I'm not the one who has to take pictures dressed like cheap trash because that's the only way anyone will ever pay any attention to me."

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I’m pretty sure this is Stephanie.
And if it is, jfc.
Fuck off.
Grow up.

"Waist training won't get rid of your double chin or spare tire. Try actually exercising."

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Try exercising your right to walk off a cliff and take your petty jealousy elsewhere.

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when you really hate the fuck out of someone but you cant say shit because everyone else loves them and you know deep down in your cold dead heart that they’re a terrible person


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on monday a guy walked into the psychology class i’m in and sat next to me. about 30 minutes into class, he leans over and whispers, ‘this isn’t algebra.’ and calmly stands up and walks out of the room. luv college

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i have a bunch of high school musical party supplies who wants to party with me

we’re all in this together


"If you were a book
I’d lick my fingers
and flip your pages,
until your spine creased
and you lay spent,
with nothing else to offer.
Then, I’d cup you in my palms
and read you again."

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A girl’s moan is great don’t get me wrong. But what’s even better is that moment where she can’t manage a moan, or even a scream, so it comes out as a screech or a high pitched breath. That moment when she can’t even express the amount of pleasure she feels.

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Next level trust.

Love that show so much

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